Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Catelynn...

I will willingly admit to being obsessed with the TV show 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I am a people watcher and reality TV makes it easy for me! I am drawn to these shows for many reasons, but the mom who speaks to my heart the most is Catelynn. She made the difficult decision to place her darling baby girl for adoption- despite the fact that there was not a lot of initial support from her family. I watch her episodes and just bawl my eyes out. I admire her strength... her maturity... her selflessness... and her constant and pure love for her baby.
From her experience, I have grown to LOVE and appreciate Jackie's birthmom even more. I know that Catelynn's adoption choice isn't for everyone, but can I just say I am one heck of a grateful person that our daughter's birthmom made that choice. I wish our language had the words to describe how much she means to us. I love her like a sister, a friend, and a sweet angel all rolled into one beautiful and smart young lady. And to our future birthmom out there... we love you and pray for you constantly. You will make our daughter the big sister she desperately wants to be.

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