What Adoption Means to Us

Adoption means SO many things to us. This is the special route in which our family is coming together, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We have learned so much about selflessness, courage, and sacrifice from Jackie's birthmom. We love and care about her like a sister. We look forward to emailing her pictures and cute little updates about Jackie.
We had the great privilege and blessing of watching Jackie's birthmother get married. Meeting her extended family was incredible. It was like going to a family reunion with people you may not know, but you already LOVE. Watching Jackie look into the eyes of her birthmother that day was a beautiful experience.
Jackie's birthmom is not forgotten at our home. We talk about her all the time, tell Jacs how much she is loved by her, and share pictures of her birthmom (my favorite pics are the ones of her growing up years- it is fun to see the resemblance!) We look forward to meeting her again in person- when Jacs is ready. And we want you to know- future birthmom- that we would love to have a similar relationship with you.

Celebrating Jackie's adoption day by visiting the local aviary and riding a ferris wheel!