Our Favorites

favorite color: green
favorite sport:
favorite movie:
favorite book:
favorite vacation:
favorite food: anything spicy
favorite treat:
favorite drink: Dr Pepper (with no ice)
favorite website:
favorite TV show:
favorite music genre: Anything!
favorite thing to do on a rainy day:
favorite outdoor adventure activity: hiking


favorite color: fuchsia
favorite sport: basketball
favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables
favorite book: Jane Eyre and anything by Jane Austin
favorite vacation: Toronto, Canada
favorite food: spaghetti or chinese
favorite treat: chocolate licorice
favorite website: shutterfly, pinterest
favorite TV show: reality TV (sad but true)
favorite music genre: LDS, country, anything with a beat
favorite thing to do on a rainy day: read, craft, comfort my dog who is afraid of thunder, play with Jacs!
favorite outdoor adventure activity: hiking


favorite color: orange
favorite sport: running, tumbling, soccer
favorite movie: Curious George (the movie)
favorite book: Berenstein Bears or Clifford books
favorite vacation: Anywhere with a swimming pool!
favorite food: mac and cheese, red apples, chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
favorite treat: cookie dough and ice cream cones
favorite website: pbs kids
favorite TV show: Doc McStuffins, Curious George, Clifford, Martha Speaks
favorite thing to do on a rainy day: watch movies, play in puddles, or play stuffed animals
favorite outdoor adventure activity: ride bike, swim

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