Meet Jackie

Sweet little Jackie

I LOVE her personality!
Our little Jackie is one of a kind! She loves to RUN, play horses and zebras, be tickled, and at the age of four can rattle off names of unusual dinosaurs, read simple words, and has shown a big interest in playing the piano.  Jackie is a very social, outgoing little girl who CAN'T wait to become a big sister. In fact she asks us all the time when her little brother or sister is coming. It melts my heart to see her so excited about a sibling! She starts soccer this fall and I can hardly wait to watch her games!
Visiting Daddy at work
Jacs and Aaron at Zion National Park
Hanging out in a pumpkin patch!
playing chess with Daddy
Jacs loves, loves, loves animals! She made a bird feeder and hung it outside in our backyard!
Making mud pies for Mommy. She is not afraid of getting dirty! She loves to play in the dirt and search for potato bugs. And she will try and sneak them into the house- we have found them hiding in her purse :)
We took Jacs to a special Halloween celebration at the zoo.. it was tons of fun to go trick or treating and see the animals! We especially liked seeing the tigers since that was Jackie's costume.
Our little book worm- while we were packing up our old house she took a reading break :)
Helping out in the kitchen

My dinosaur loving girl!
She loves to play the piano and has composed her first song "ABC Wildlife".  We love music in our family! Her favorite composer is Chopin.
Jackie loves horses!