Sunday, July 7, 2013

Science Saturdays

This summer is flying by! I have loved coming up with fun different activities to do- but I do have to say that Aaron came up with my favorite! Its a weekly father/daughter science project every Saturday. So far this summer they have learned about the power of a magnifying glass, prisms, copper plating a key, and watching liquid nitrogen freeze cream into ice cream. As you can see we are a family that LOVES learning!
Watching cream turing into ice cream by the power of nitrogen gas

Copper plating

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

This post is just a bunch of different pictures of things that have happened recently in our little family.
Aaron made 1000 paper cranes for his Dad who was fighting stage 4 cancer recently. Unfortunately the cancer ultimately took his life, and that has been very hard for our little family. But we know that because of the Plan of Salvation we can see him again and be together forever! What a blessing that is!
Jackie recently celebrated her adoption day. We went to Build a Bear and made a ginormous Rainbow Dash stuffed animal to add to her collection. As you can see- she LOVES her stuffed animals!
Had fun at Baby Animal Days! This kid loves her animals!
Despite the fact the Zoo is completely torn up for remodeling, we went and had a BLAST. 
You know your mom is a teacher when you have a US map as part of your bedroom decor :)
Finger painting our mental images of Bach's Toccata and Fugue  
Playing duets with Daddy. My favorite duet is when Jackie plays the raindrop part in the Raindrop Prelude by Chopin. It sounds SO cool! 
On the ferris wheel at Scheels. Fun and honestly a bit scary!

Aaron and Jackie were so distraught about a moth stuck inside a restaurant that they gently captured it and took it outside. They are my animal lovers!!! 

Everyone loves a good carnival, right? I am conveniently on camera duty on all the dizzy rides.  

Jackie recently took swimming lessons. She loves being in the water! She also just finished playing T-ball and her second season of soccer. Little Miss Athlete!!!!
So thats a random assortment of what our life has been like these past few months! I hope that helps you get to know us a little more and know how much we treasure our family. They really mean everything to us. :)