Meet the Parents

Aaron is an amazing guy!  He is a math whiz, a pro at the piano, and computer genius... but what I love most about him is how he treats his family. Aaron is the kind of guy that will run to the store if I need a chocolate fix or sleep on the floor next to Jackie's bed if she is lonely. He is currently called as the ward choir pianist. Jackie is definitely a daddy's girl and has Aaron wrapped around her cute little finger.
Jackie helping Aaron build a radio antenna 
Golfing as a family in Park City

Keri is a born teacher and planner. She loves to put together mini teaching units for Jackie. They recently studied the human body and animal habitats/characteristics of different animal groups.  She is also currently teaching her about diagnosing different illnesses since Jacs is adamant about being a doctor when she grows up! She is the kind of mom that will run around in the backyard, stop and take a teaching moment when they see a bug, and will stay awake watching her sleep for hours.
Jacs and I at the local nursery for a preschool field trip